Senior Ex-Offender Program

Erasing the stigma of formerly incarcerated individuals and offering them a chance to give back to the community.

Our Senior Ex-Offender Program (SEOP) is the first ex-offender program in the United States to focus on seniors. The program reaches out to people 50 years and older who have been incarcerated or are about to be released from prison. Through counseling, referrals and social support, the program gives ex-offenders an opportunity for a new start.

Program has comprehensive wrap-around services for senior ex-offenders; counseling before and after release, transitional support groups for men and women, health care counseling, certified addiction specialist to help with recovery issues, mental health services, clothing and hygiene products.

The people served by this program have great needs in all areas, and their characteristics are different from those of seniors served through  the Senior Center and Adult Day Health Center.

Many are much younger as the conditions of incarceration age people very quickly. Many are originally from the Bayview, but are homeless upon release. Drug addiction, alcoholism, AIDS, untreated diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, depression and unemployment are common. So is the desire to change their lives.

The Senior Ex-Offender Program (SEOP) is committed to restoring self-respect through social modeling, providing care, guidance and services, and finding solutions to the challenges faced by ex-offenders.

The SEOP provides case management to ensure that participants are receiving healthcare that will establish good physical and mental condition.  Through a contract with the S.F. Sheriff’s Department, SEOP staff connect ex-offenders to services and community.

The goal of SEOP, to help ex-offenders re-engage in the community, would not be met without first finding housing.  Therefore BHPMSS provides two transitional homes that give ex-offenders a chance to live in the community with support systems.

Through this housing residents are able to find more permanent solutions that will keep them out of jail and contributing to their community.

Mike Pasley, Director of SEOP
5600 A Third Street (@Armstrong)
San Francisco, CA 94124
415-830-8042 ext. 1103