What Does It Mean To Belong?

In an era of gentrification and rapid community change, what does it mean to belong – and to age in place?


InterGenerational Blog

With the funding support of the California Arts Council, Bayview Senior Services brought people together across generational, cultural, racial, and geographic lines to share life experiences and artistic expressions during the pandemic. 
Our ‘Senior Heroes’ project involved seniors sharing their Black experience through their respective lives in the arts, education, faith, community service, and activism. Working with the lead artist and the instructors from the school partners, we collectively came up with a plan to have people engage, educate and share art across generations.


“I appreciate the fact that Bayview Senior Services takes care of elders, because more families are simply not in the position to give their loved ones the care that they need.” -Byron Johnson Senior Project Director — Compass Point Nonprofit Services Bayview…

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