Naming Opportunities

Since 1971, Bayview Senior Services has operated the Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center. This center is named after the agency’s executive director of 30 years, who passed away in 2010. It was his vision — and now that of the community — to create a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art senior center co-located with senior housing to ensure a safe and vibrant future for the neighborhood’s aging population. This dream is now a reality. The new Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center is located in a new neighborhood housing complex at 1751 Carroll Ave at Third Street. This facility provides 121 units of senior housing, as well as our brand new 15,000-square-foot senior center with a full range of innovative support services. YOU can make an impact and be a part of this legacy by investing in a naming opportunity.

Choose one or more naming opportunity that works best for you, your family, church, foundation or business.

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