A Dream Come True

Press Release: LaNiece Jones


Bayview Senior Center and Housing Facility
Grand Opening—a Grand Affair!

~ More Than 700 Visitors Throughout the Day ~


San Francisco, CA: A 25-year vision did indeed become a reality when the Bayview Senior Services Agency celebrated the grand opening of the Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center and Residence on Saturday, June 25th. The new building will enhance the quality of life for underserved senior citizens in the Bayview-Hunters Point community.

There were 700+ visitors to the facility throughout the day; more than 500 were on hand for the grand opening ceremony

All were impressed and in awe of the new complex that includes 120 units of low-income senior housing and a senior center complex that boasts of a dining hall, beauty parlor, health and nutrition programs and more. This building was the dream of the late Dr. Davis, a longtime activist for the Bayview community. Davis was influential in developing ongoing relationships with local, state and federal agencies, plus partnerships with private developers, foundations and corporations. His charisma and humble integrity helped win support for Bayview Senior Services and the community. The facility was given high praise by all.

Online media partner – SFNEWSFEED.US – captured quotes from grand opening attendees:

A staff member stated, “I came in just soon after George Davis passed away. It’s been amazing to watch his dream come into fruition. It’s a miracle to see it take place. A lot of the credit goes to Cathy Davis who has worked hard to ensure that everyone had safe housing, especially for everyone 62 and over. You have a great staff working with her and committed to making this project work…”

This was echoed by Janet Brown, housing specialist, who said, “Finally a dream achieved, no longer deferred!”

Vivian Richardson said of the event, “This is a long-awaited event, a beautiful ceremony, a fantastic day, and a great addition to the Bayview-Hunters Point, San Francisco community…”

Sheryl Anderson, In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) representative said of the event, “I think it’s a wonderful event and a beautiful building. I think it’s a blessing for the seniors to have a place like this. It’s amazing!!”

Amanda Fraley, property manager for the adjacent market rate residential building commented, “I think that Cathy Davis has been amazing! This is something positive for the community. It’s creating something like a new community for the Bayview.”

State Senator Mark Leno said, “This building is a strong statement that this neighborhood, this community, and this city cares about its senior citizens…” A senior citizen quickly chimed in saying, “This is my home, I’m so glad to be here!!” To which, Leno noted, “That’s a strong testimony in itself!”

Supervisor Malia Cohen said, “It’s a wonderful day that our seniors , who were born and raised in the neighborhood, have the opportunity to grow and raise themselves in those same neighborhoods, with beautiful rooms and art to accommodate them…”

Public Defender Jeff Adachi said, “This is an event that has been long overdue. Dr. Davis was relentless in his support for the seniors. My role came from his community support for ex-offenders. This place is tribute to him, his wife, and the community at large….”

Linda Richardson, Board Member of the Groundbreaking and Ribbon-Cutting Committee, said of the event ,“It’s a great time for the Bayview-Hunters Point that’s been long in coming. It shows in the vision of Dr. Davis who had this vision 25 years ago, and people like Cathy Davis who never gave up on that vision. This is a major cornerstone. We’re very proud of what it means for the community …”
“Our goals are to invest in and strengthen all aspects of the agency so that our programs and services thrive for years to come. However, we cannot do this alone. We need the continued partnership with individuals, community based organizations and corporate to sustain my husband’s vision to have a thriving, safe and secure place for Bayview seniors and people with disabilities,” shares Cathy Davis, Executive Director and widow of the late Dr. George Davis.
Under the guidance of the board of directors, Bayview Senior Services has been providing community-based comprehensive services for seniors for over 45 years. Through a network of senior centers, adult day health, case management and housing counseling, Bayview Senior Services addresses the critical needs of seniors through the context of neighborhood advocacy. Creating housing with supportive services represents the agency’s commitment to helping seniors age-in place and with dignity-in their own community.

For more information about Bayview Senior Services and the new senior housing facility and center, contact the agency at (415) 822-1444 or visit the agency’s website at bhpmss.org. Housing facilities will be managed by McCormack Baron Management, Inc.

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