Movin’ On Up Fund

Providing relocation assistance to our seniors

Bayview Senior Services is excited to share that we have just a few more weeks left of construction of the long-awaited Dr. George W. Davis Senior Residence! This is a milestone in our community and a tribute to our seniors, and we need your help! In the next couple months (April and May 2016) 120 seniors will have the opportunity to “move on up” into their own apartments in the new Dr. George W. Davis Senior Residence. We want to bring something special to their move. Here’s why.

Many of the seniors we serve live on $850/ month and find there is little, if anything left at the end of the month.  Most do not have the resources to buy something new.  They make do and work with what they have.  But a new apartment is a new start. And we want to make sure our seniors have all that they need to make their new apartment home.

To accomplish this we have established the Movin’ on Up Fund.  This fund will pay for some of the individual needs of seniors moving into the Dr. George W. Davis Senior Residence. We are partnering with our friends at Ashley Furniture located at 707 Bayshore Blvd. to provide quality furniture to make the seniors feel right at home in their new residence!Here’s how it will work: Our social workers will meet with each of the seniors to determine their needs. Some may need a new bed, sofa, or a dresser.  For those who have been homeless new towels, kitchenware and basic cleaning supplies can also help. Your gifts to the Movin’ on Up Fund will make this possible.

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